Restoration Woodshop

The Restoration Woodshop is a modern and well-equipped workspace created to build handcrafted furniture for those in need in our community. Presently, and due to the overwhelming need in our city, we are serving alongside Love Your Neighbor in making and delivering beds to children. In addition to providing the hand-crafted frame, mattress and color coordinated bed sheets, each bedframe is branded with the heartfelt statement, “You are Seen, You are Known, You are Loved”. Truly, as the large piles of sawdust and the emotion-laden delivery of these beds reveal, we do see, know, and love our city.

The Woodshop also works to provide life-on-life young adult mentorship classes to teach life and woodworking skills. As we work together, not only are new craftsman skills acquired, but we see new relationships begin, and an authentic community emerge. Our shop provides a safe and equipping environment for kids and adults to grow and thrive. As we establish our new woodshop on the east-side of town, our team is working diligently to learn of and respond to the various tangible needs as they arise. If you have a passion or talent with woodworking, we’d love for you to join our team as we work to bring new hope to our region.



MSC Family Restoration Center
7345 Adventure Way
Colorado Springs, CO 80923